A big Bethany Beach First Responders Triathlon-Duathlon thank you to all of the athletes that participated. Please see some of their positive comments below and we promise to make 2014's event even better by adding a new Elite Division. In addition, we will continue to make efforts in improving our positively received enhanced transition area, and a more expeditious results tabulation yielding a great awards ceremony!

This is my favorite event of the year. The race is run very well and information ahead of the event is easy to get on Facebook. The swag and t-shirts are terrific and we love to support Bethany Beach and its first responders. A HUGE THANK YOU for providing a delicious post-race option for VEGETARIANS -- well done Bethany Blues!
Catherine M
While this was only my second triathlon (my first time tri was with you all in 2012), I think you all have done another great job of organizing everything. A "newbie and/or relative newbie" to the triathlon event can easily figure out where to go, what to do, and they can always find someone to answer any questions. I especially liked the addition of the TriTat System this year. Thanks!
Maria Y
My son Matthew and I just want to sincerely thank you and Jesse (and the many friendly volunteers) for all of your efforts and hard work to pull off the Triathlon/Aquabike last Sunday. It was our first such multi-discipline event and we did it together as a 56 year-old father and 27 year-old son and it will be one of our lifetime treasured memories. The swim clinic, transition clinic and first timer's meeting were all so valuable and helpful for both of us and really helped us mentally prepare for the swim and the bike portions. We were not fast in our race groups, however we competed as hard as we could and we finished with our heads held high. Again, Thank you very much!
Gary and Matthew H
I participated in the Triathlon last weekend. Just wanted to tell you how awesome the event was! This was my first time participating and I was so impressed with the organization. I also attended a couple of the swim clinics and gained such useful information. Your "you can do this" attitude and support made such a difference for me. I not only gained some great tips, but it gave me the confidence to go out there and show them what I was made of! I ended up taking first place in the women's first timers division. Thanks so much for all you did!
Tracie R
Overall it was a great event! Wish I would have been able to train more! The swim was very challenging especially the long beach run... ugh! Maybe next year that part can be shortened. I like the bike part and thankful the AquaBike run was SHORT! I still had to walk some as my legs were fried from pushing so hard on the bike! Great job!
Joy Strieby
Loved it all: the volunteers, the crowd cheering. Awesome event. Can't wait until next year.
Carrie MG
First off... Jess -- our announcer -- was amazing. He was funny, witty, full of great info. He didn't miss a beat. GREAT JOB. I thought this tri was the best run event I have raced in. I have only competed in 5 BUT HATS OFF TO THE ENTIRE STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS!
Darrell C
Finally did this race after considering it every summer when we come to Bethany for vacation. It certainly exceeded my expectations. From having the pre-race party on Friday (so people could actually enjoy it), to transforming downtown into a huge transition area, to the boardwalk finish, it was a really fun event. I'll be back next year, and have already recommended it to my Blair Area Multisport (Central PA) teammates.
Dan D
This was my first Tri. I was very impressed with the organization surrounding this event. The guy that lead the first timers clinic was very good, very thorough, and kept things light with his sense of humor. Having the race results on the web so quickly was very nice too. I was (actually, I still am) on a high from completing the event and to be able to quickly dissect my splits was nice. I cannot think of anything that you could have done better with this event.
Al W
As a Duathlete, the finish on the board walk was as close as to an "Ironman" finish setup as I will experience.
Tim T
This is my first time doing dua this summer, all the events were good; next year going to add some tri in there.
Mark L
Great race; will be back next year!
Sara C
This is a very fun and well organized event. Thanks to all of the volunteers! This is one of the more enjoyable events I've participated in over the past few years. Congrats to the race organizers for a very well-run event.
Shane B
First triathlon for me and the organization, instructions, finishing on the boardwalk and food have me coming back next year! Thank you!
Adelaide Wilmot
Very well-organized, safe, and fun!
Susan S
My first multi-sport event. Loved it, already registered for next year. Keep up the great work!
Randt E
I really enjoy the Bethany Tri. We make it a nice weekend staying on the beach, enjoying the boardwalk and the downtown shops, eating tasty seafood, racing, and then hanging out afterward for a bit before driving back home. It's a nice way to end the season. It's been fantastic staying at the Bethany Arms, just because of the proximity. I'm really hoping it'll be open in some form next year. I love the post-race barbecue. It's one of the two best post-race spreads I have all year (the other being at an open water swim I swim every year).
Cathy G
Very well organized event! All staff and volunteers did a very good job.
Peter G
So many great things to say about this race experience. I tore my calf in July and was unable to run and bike for two months prior to the race. Your race made it so easy to change from a tri entry to an aqua bike entry. Jess Manning was excellent on the microphone. The Jaws music was hilarious. The waves went off without a hitch. The volunteers and workers were amazing. The spread of food after the race was absolutely delicious. The 1st Responder presence rocked! I felt 100% safe on a well-marked and well-patrolled course.
Brian L
Great time. Well organized, great volunteers, and cause. The best is the announcer; enjoyed him in Trenton (7-21-2013). I usually have quite a case of the pre-swim "jitters." He goes a long way to take my mind off my concerns. I would travel and enter another race with him and the staff that was there.
Jack T
This was our first endurance race and it was excellent. You guys did a great job from beginning to end. We look forward to it every year now.
Vince T
Awesome event. I used to do the Sea Colony triathlon and this has replaced it. Great end of summer vacation event. Great, Great, Great! Love Bethany Beach. We spent 5 days in VA Beach and wife did Sandman Tri, then we came to Bethany for 5 days and I did the Bethany tri."
Richard D
"Excellent race and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tri!! Especially love the opportunity for open water clinic the day before race."
Mary Rose S
Awesome event! I was nervous signing up to race a week after a Half Iron-man, and it was the perfect event for me really to have a lot of fun and really just try and go fast!
Matthew B
I am glad the emcee encouraged us to get there early. Set up was seamless and I was able to feel very relaxed before the event. Entry and exit spots were very clearly marked. Finishing on the boardwalk is a MUST! Volunteers were awesome -- thank you! Food was above and beyond expectations. This was my second triathlon and I can't wait to see you again next year. I am glad I was able to contribute to the BB first responders.
Laura B
This was my first triathlon and personally I had an awesome time! It was great to have the open water clinics available and helped with the ocean anxiety. Certainly it wasn't favorable to have the dredging which made the beach run not so great (as well as the scenery) but I'm guessing that won't be a factor next year. Thank you for a great event!
Stephanie R
I did 3 triathlons in September...Bethany, Dewey and Nations. I thought the Bethany race was the best. Great job!
Eric R.
I have done many events from sprint to full Iron Mans. Your event was excellent.
Steve G
This was my first triathlon and it was really fun! A good friend and I signed up together to have an interesting end of summer fitness challenge and try out a new sport and this race delivered.
Sarah H.
This was my first duathlon/triathlon experience, and it far exceeded my expectations. I am now hooked. I've run 5k's and 10K's, but now I plan on getting more into Duathlons. It was very well organized and the venue was just awesome. Having the transition area in downtown Bethany and the finish on the boardwalk was awesome. Thank you for organizing such a great event for a great cause.
Mark O.
For my first Triathlon, the whole process was excellent. I was very well taken care of throughout the race and was impressed with how well organized the event was.
Eric K.
Pasta dinner at the fire station was great!
Peter S.
Best after party and food ever! So well run! You all rocked it! Thank you so much! As a first timer it went so well!
Mary H.
LOVED the OCEAN SWIM. Would have like to been better prepared for the bike ride, I assumed it was all-flat like the run. I have been recommending this event to many of my friends. The course was fair but challenging and everything ran super smoothly. LOVED LOVED LOVED participating.
Stephanie L.
I thought it was a great event. Really enjoyed having the transition area right in town.
Elizebeth G.
Great food. The best for the season.
Richard O.
All three courses for the Duo were well set up. Good number of Officers/Volunteers at locations so that we could keep our pace through out the race. Looking forward to next year's event.
Chris M.
This was my first Tri and I thought it was very well organized and ran smoothly. I liked the pre race emails and Facebook updates
Steve R.
This was my first Duathlon and I felt very informed as a first timer due to the race clinics and packet pick up.
Laura B.
The event was first class and extremely well organized. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Lance F.
I was completely amazed and impressed with the event from the day I registered! I continue to be amazed at the organization, communication, and planning that is already occurring for next year's event! The collaboration among all involved clearly conveys a commitment to create another outstanding experience! Looking forward to September, 2013! Thank you to each and every organizer, first responder, sponsor, volunteer, and participant!
Susan S.
The organization and communication was great from the start. did not leave me with any questions
Jeffery G.
The best food I have ever had after a race!
Jennifer P.
I thought the volunteers were FANTASTIC! They were fast and courteous. I am planning to attend next year with a faster time. It's also nice to see that everyone gets a medal because most of us don't place. Thanks again!
Louise H.
I thoroughly enjoyed doing this event with Piranah Sports. I have done 5 Sprint Distance triathlons on the Delmarva peninsula, and the Bethany Beach Triathlon was by far the best.
Vance M.
Great event. Thought it was well organized. Thought food was fantastic.
Elizabeth L.
New to tri's it was an awesome event.
Rick C.
Loved finishing on the boardwalk! It was my first duathlon and I loved it.
John P.
I actually was not able to finish the race, but the lifeguards were great, volunteers were great, race officials were great, and I liked the flexibility of being able to switch between the duathlon and triathlon if desired. The transition area was well organized - I liked the assigned spots.
Erin B.
I really loved this race. It had great atmosphere and a local feel that made the event fun. I liked the time of year the race was scheduled.
Rebecca S.
I really enjoyed this race! Great job at organizing.
Kathy A.
I absolutely loved this race! It turned me into a huge triathlon fan.
Nicole T.
This was a great venue. The volunteers were awesome! We look forward to coming back.
Rene C.
I was so impressed with all of the volunteers - I think of all of the races I have participated in (triathlons, duathlons, marathons) this was hands down the most supported in all aspects, particularly course marshalling. I never once had to worry about where I was supposed to be turning etc. Very well done.
Clare N.
Great first time event. Very good all-around experience and I look forward to competing again next year!
Shane B.
Great event and well organized.
Chuck H.
A well done race. Awesome venue and well-organized. Very happy someone stepped up and got a race in Bethany!
Ken P.
The 2012 first annual Bethany Beach Triathlon was easily the BEST of the Best of races that I have ever participated in or have even been a part of. I think this is the perfect quote for this race; "Build it, and they shall come!
Steven O.
Very well organized and I loved the results being electronically displayed immediately after the race. Great food after the race too! - Very well organized and I loved the results being electronically displayed immediately after the race. Great food after the race too!
Linda M.
This was my first time competing in a triathlon and it was fantastic. The information provided at the packet pick up was outstanding. The volunteers were amazing and so helpful AND encouraging. The whole event was great - from start to finish! I was extremely nervous leading up to the race and once we listened to the talk at the packet pick up, along with advise from volunteers, I was put at ease.
Katie S.
The event was generally well-organized and supported by helpful and cheerful volunteers and emergency personnel. The swag and after-party were good. All in all, it was a great experience.
Alina N.
I think this was extremely well organized especially for a first time event of this magnitude. I am only 16 and this was my 3rd Triathlon ever. The ocean swim was fantastic, especially compared to my experience in the Schuylkill river at the Philadelphia Tri. The bike was the best. Nothing like a flat ride with the wind pushing you along. My entire family and friends had a blast!! Thank you for such an awesome event. Can't wait until next year!
Calvin B.
I thought for the first year, this race was well put together and very thoughtful as far as all that was offered including the swag and the after event offerings. I thought the town was very gracious and welcoming. I will certainly be competing next year.
Rebecca D.